• Air Traffic Control

  • Weather Radar

  • Satellite Communications

  • Space Applications/Platforms

Diamond Antenna and Microwave Rotary Joints are used in radar systems such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), shipboard, land-based and airborne systems. 

Diamond Antenna and Microwave Rotary Joints are used for many SATCOM platforms such as SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) Pedestals, Marine, Vehicle, Ground-based and Airborne platforms.

Diamond Antenna Rotary Joints allow directional antennas to rotate while passing microwave signals to and from the transceiver.

Diamond Antenna Rotary Joints use lubricated bearings that provide the mechanical interface for long-life antenna sector scanning or 360 degree, continuous rotation. Consistent, high-quality signals are passed during both rotation and fixed-position transmission and reception.


Our Rotary Joints are a perfect fit for the following types of applications:


Typical communications and radar systems include:

  • Ground Station Communication Uplinks and Downlinks
  • Satellite Payloads
  • Mobile Communications Systems on land, marine or airborne
  • Navigation Systems


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